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Peace Education – Games and Education

The Bank of resources of Peace Education  and Inter-cultural Education activities of the School For a Culture of Peace now has 50 activities in English. Their linguistic diversity is useful as many resources are additionally available in Spanish.
The School for a Culture of Peace was created in 1999 with the aim to work on culture [...]

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Tutorias educar para la paz

The Tutorials for Peace Education elaborated by Educacion Sin Fronteras, NGO based in Spain, is a compilation of teaching materials for primary and secondary school related with intercultural education, respect for diversity, gender, poverty and human rights. Panels, interactive maps, games and illustrations are available on the web site. The tools are in English and Catalan. 

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Unit Two: Tolerance and Respect for Dignity

The theme of this unit is tolerance and respect for dignity and identity within the peace education framework with an emphasis on identities and common human dignities. It thus explores notions of identity in its different contexts. Learning objectives include knowledge of the other and the self and the story of Anne Frank, development of [...]

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Lesson Plans in Peace Education

Peace Education lesson plans developed by the Israel-Palestine Center for Research and Information in Arabic are offered here. The lessons plans were developed under a grant from the US Government. This file offers lessons for grades 1-6. IPCRI is a joint Israeli/Palestinian organization established in 1988 to promote co-understanding, cooperation, and conflict resolution.

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The Evens Foundation

The Evens Foundation is a public benefit foundation based in Antwerp, Belgium and with offices in Paris and Warsaw. The Evens Foundation initiates and supports sustainable projects, and awards biennial prizes, that contribute to the progress and strengthening of Europe based on cultural and social diversity.

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