Getting Started

To get started on this site, first explore the About section to get an Overview of site. This section also contains News relevant to Education about Religions and Beliefs (ERB) which would be very relevant if you are considering teaching plans, courses, or requirements in the ERB area, as well as Frequently Asked Questions . Depending on your interests, you may then explore the Resources section which contains Guidelines (particularly if you are a policy-maker) and learning and teaching material (especially if you are a teacher).

If you are a representative of an association, institution, or NGO interested in others who are doing similar work, feel free to visit the Organizations section. Scholarly articles, short notes and book reviews may be found in the ERB Journal section. Conferences, workshops, and funding opportunities of interest to the ERB community may be found in the Events section.  To see the institutions and organizations working with us to contribute to this site on a regular basis, visit the Partners section.

This site is meant to be a site which is interactive and allows you to submit material in the Resources, Organizations, Journal and Events sections.

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