• What is this site about?
  • When was this site created?
  • Why is this site here?
  • What is the focus of this site?
  • Who is the audience of this site?
  • What are the contents of this site?
  • Can I download some/all of the material on this site?
  • What “religions” and “beliefs” does the site cover?
  • What key theories of ERB can be found on this site?
  • Which institutions/organizations offer funding/fellowships for research and/or teaching in ERB, or offer workshops in ERB?
  • What are the associations/organizations of people interested in ERB?
  • Where and when are conferences (or related conferences) on ERB, held?
  • Where can I find news and scholarly articles on ERB?
  • Who are the Partner organizations working with ERB on this site?
  • What’s the news relevant to Education about Religions and Beliefs?
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