Grupo de Pesquisa Educação e Religião

Areas of Interest
teaching, Brazil, guidelines, pedagogy, Religious Education, research
Other Language
Latin America

<p>Grupo de Pesquisa Educação e Religião (GPER, Research Group of Religion and Education) was organized to broaden and deepen the understanding of teaching Religious Education in Brazil. Its target is to identify and support different forms of religious pedagogy in the Brazilian educational context and to articulate a framework for the development of different forms of religious pedagogy consistent with the proposal of Brazilian education. GPER promotes understanding the presence and development of different conceptions of Religious Education. </p><p>GPER works in various ways: It promotes conferences, seminars, courses and other similar activities designed to improve religious education. It monitors and evaluates research and experiments in Religious Education. Organization reports about the status of religious education in Brazil by means of scientific and academic work, books and articles, as well as laws and materials produced by the education systems. </p>

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