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A Trainer’s Guide to Inter-faith Peacebuidling in Sri Lanka

The attached manual has been developed with funding from USAID and the collaboration of Tetra Tech. Sarvodaya and the US-­based organization, Karuna Center for Peace-building,worked intensively with a core group 80 Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian religious leaders and additional 80 young religious committee members, offering peace-building trainings and intensive inter-faith dialogues aimed at promoting [...]

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ARDA – The Learning Center

New resources to enhance teaching and learning about religion. Learning modules, lesson plans, syllabi, and videos are available for free.

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Poetry Encourages Self-Expression

Poetry is a way for students to explore topics they might not otherwise talk about. It’s also a powerful tool for social justice.

Write about something you hate without naming the thing you hate or using the word “hate.”
Write about an experience of violence you committed, witnessed or experienced.
Think about the ways dating, arguing with a [...]

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Toolkit for “Uncommon Ground”

This Teaching Tolerance toolkit accompanies the article “Uncommon Ground,” and provides a classroom activity to celebrate diversity and build common ground by making personal story quilts.
The toolkit can also be used for inspiration in the classroom making use of a list of other articles from Teaching Tolerance, such as ‘Two Worlds, One School”.

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Two Worlds, One School

Building cultural awareness and harmony requires respect, open communication and the ability to compromise. Administrators at an Ohio school district with a large Amish population mastered these skills. The effort put parents at ease and allowed students to build cross-cultural friendships.

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EPRID Resources

On this site a variety of resources is available. The European Platform on Religious Intolerance and Discrimination has gathered these reports, letters and guidelines published by both European governments, as well as European institutions discussing freedom of religion and belief and the importance of tolerance, understanding and respect >>

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Freedom of Religion or Belief – how the FCO can help promote respect for this human right

These guidelines are developed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and elaborated with the help of specialist stakeholders, They aim to provide a simple introduction to the issues for FCO posts and desks, an analytical matrix to identify problems, some general responses to frequently raised issues of freedom of religion and belief, and other resources [...]

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A gift from Tanenbaum on its 20th anniversary

The Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding has in relation to its 20th anniversary published this poster elaborating in short texts and pictures the religious progress and prejudice over the last 20 years>>

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Religions in My Neighborhood

Religions in My Neighborhood is a curriculum designed for K-4 Students by the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding. It includes lesson plans about respecting others’ beliefs, and is compatible with Common Core standards, teaches inclusion. The curriculum is aligned with national English & Social Studies standards and can be purchased on the site>>

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COEXIST is an interactive conflict resolution curriculum for high school students based on the case study of two Nigerians – one Muslim and one Christian – who were once at war with each other and came to use their respective religions as resources for conflict resolution.
On the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding, a sample lesson [...]

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