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This sets out the statutory syllabus (religious education guidelines) for the City of Birmingham, UK. It is complemented by schemes of work and lesson plans embodying teaching resources, films, interactive resources etc.

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Teaching for Change

Teaching for Change is a resource for teachers and parents to make use of in the education of children and youth to build a more equitable, multicultural society, and for the children to become active global citizens.
The section ‘Early Childhood Equity Initiative‘ contains resources and articles in both English and Spanish to inspire leaders in early [...]

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Agreed Syllabi for Religious Education

This publication of the Brent Council offers guidance on education about religions/religious education at the Foundation stage (ages 3-5), as well as programmes of study for Key Stages 1-4 (ages 5-16). Following National curriculum standards, they clarify the types of knowledge,understanding, skills, attitudes and processes which inform religious education in Brent.

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A Book on an Apparent Palestinian Conceptual Framework For Civic Education – Proceedings of the Workshops

This book is as a result of many centralized and local workshops conducted by Teacher Creativity Center in Jenin, Hebron, Ramallah, and Gaza City The goal of these workshops was to create a debating environment concerning the conceptual framework for civic education. The book contains every working paper presented during the workshops, in addition to [...]

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Religionsunterricht in der Schule: Pro Reli oder Pro Ethik?

Berlin Abstimmung: Soll der Religionsunterricht wie bisher als freiwilliger Zusatz zum verbindlichen Ethikunterricht angeboten werden oder soll er als Wahlpflichtfach eingeführt werden, so dass sich die Berliner SchülerInnen zwischen Ethik- und Religionsunterricht entscheiden müssen?

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KS3 Attainment: Raising Aspirations

“Synopsis: A look at one secondary school’s use of aspirational targets, focusing on an English lesson and an RE lesson that utilise teaching resources from the Sport Relief 08 fundraising campaign. Schools standard adviser Val McGregor pays a visit to King Edward VI School in Bury St Edmunds where Sport Relief resources are being used [...]

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KS 3/4 RE – Teaching RE to Muslim Students: Studying Buddhism

“Synopsis: Find out how RE teacher approaches the study of Buddhism with a Year 8 class of mainly Muslim pupils.  Azam Ali is head of RE at Challenge College in Bradford where most pf the students are Muslim. The majority of his students don’t have an issue with learning about other faiths but occasionally students [...]

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