The 9 Wisdom traditions game created by World Religions Project is now available. It can be played on smartphones and tablets and is a great way to learn more about our own traditions (whether it be Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, the Baha’i Faith, Humanist or a small local tradition) but also about our neighbours' spiritual traditions. The game is bilingual English/French and Made in Switzerland! To download and obtain Small Planet BIG QUESTIONS find the right link below: Mac versions: US App Store CH App Store FR App Store DE App Store IN App Store For Android version: Google Play

The 2011 Attacks in Norway: Links


This paper was compiled on the morning of Tuesday 26 July. It contains links to a small selection of the thousands of articles, commentaries and blogs that were been published on the internet over the following days.

It starts by recalling the assumptions and speculations in media coverage on Friday 22 July. It then continues by recalling the discussions which developed on the subsequent two days, when the world found out who had really been responsible for the attacks.

What was the relationship between Breivik’s ideology and his actions? Was he driven by personal factors as much as, or more than, by ideological factors? What are the features and causes of Islamophobia, and what is the connection between Islamophobia and
other kinds of anxiety and fear, other feelings of threat and insecurity? Were some of Breivik’s ideas right even though his actions were wrong?

The paper draws to an end with links to three writers in Scandinavia and with reference to an article naming and remembering some of those who have been killed or are missing, or who are grieving. The last link is to a broadcast talk by Michael Morpurgo.

We Can Work Together... Can You?

English, Oxfam

This online resource contains activities for all ages, looking at why working together is important, and linking working together on a small scale to large scale conflicts around the world.

Perfect for exploring ideas about different cultures and beliefs.  This resource consists of a colourful poster that can be downloaded, and 11 activities to choose from.

Scriptural Reasoning

English, Peter Ochs

Scriptural Reasoning (SR) represents a text study between Christians, Muslims and Jews. It is a practice whereby members of these faiths, in small groups, study together their own and each other’s sacred scriptures. The space created by the three faiths in study together is often likened to the Biblical ‘Tent of Meeting’.

This website is intended as a resource to help all those from the growing Scriptural Reasoning community who wish to make the journey of learning about each other's faiths together.


People of faith


Website offers resources of the world's main faiths and religions from the viewpoint of individuals from each faith and religion. Facts of the religions are featured by experiences of people of different faiths.

We work together – Can you?

English, Interfaith Education Group

Resource includes teaching ideas to help develop cooperation and thinking about peace and conflict on a global scale. It links working together on a small scale to large scale conflicts around the world and explores ideas about different cultures and beliefs.

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