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Teaching and Talking in Schools About 9/11

Many of the materials mentioned in this list were especially compiled or updated for the tenth anniversary of 9/11 in Autumn 2011. Most but not all have a specific focus on teaching, in both formal and informal settings.
The list is intended primarily for teachers and youth workers, and those who support and advise them. It [...]

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Race Equality and Racist Bullying

The papers in this collection are to do with countering racist bullying in schools, within the wider contexts of promoting race equality and countering bullying more generally. They can be used as handouts in staff training sessions and discussions, and some can be incorporated into staff handbooks and local authority [...]

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Religious Resources

This website is an internet directory of resources relating to all major world religions. The website includes sections on activities, organizations. publications, youth and religious texts.

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Youth Resolutions on Ethical Issues in Life Sciences

Youth across Europe have expressed their views on four of the life sciences' trickiest ethical issues through the EU- funded 2 Ways project. The youth met in Brussels, Belgium in early December 2010, in a European Science Parliament and adopted resolutions on the use of embryonic stem cells, the use of the results of [...]

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Bangladesh: In Search of Freedom

IREX and IREX Europe worked with local counterparts on the Mobile Documentary Cinema on Democracy and Islam in Bangladesh project to produce a documentary video looking at key issues confronting youth in the country. The video was then circulated to villages to spur discussion. Almost 10,000 Bangladeshis have seen the film and participated in the [...]

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Hearing the Other Side

“Hearing the Other Side” is a documentary film featuring conversations with young Muslims on issues of religious identities, women's concerns and media, following Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh's assassination in the Netherlands. Reflections by the youth of Moroccan and Turkish origin make a much needed contribution to the debate on Islam in Europe, often merely [...]

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Talking Faith

Talking Faith is a documentary film produced in 2007 focusing on the insights and opinions of young people living the contexts of faith identities and dialogue. It opens a window into the lives of Sarah and Azam – two friends living the post 9/11 realities where Islam gets associated with militarism and Christian minorities face [...]

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IREX is an international nonprofit organization providing leadership and innovative programs to improve the quality of education, strengthen independent media, and foster pluralistic civil society development.
Founded in 1968, IREX has an annual portfolio of over $60 million and a staff of 500 professionals worldwide. IREX and its partner IREX Europe deliver cross-cutting programs and consulting [...]

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Religions for Peace Global Youth Network

Religions for Peace Global Youth Network is focused on multi-religious youth action to confront some of today’s urgent challenges – building peace, saving the earth, and reducing poverty. It unifies religious youth leaders all over the world to advance the mission of multi-religious cooperation for peace. The Global Youth Network is representative of the world's [...]

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