Handbook: Beyond Difference: Towards Tolerance and Dialogue between Christianity and Islam in Bulgaria.

“Developed in the framework of the “Tolerance and Understanding: Our Muslim Neighbors in Europe” project the handbook “Beyond Difference. Towards Tolerance and Dialogue between Christianity and Islam in Bulgaria” is the final product of the project implementation in
The handbook is divided into two parts. The first one presents theoretical information on the main aspects of cultural and religious differences and ways of rethinking these. The text is structured in three chapters: Chapter one “Islam – Past and Present” introduces the history of Islam as a religion, its main postulates and the formation of the Muslim communities. Chapter two “Cultural Differences, Identity and Prejudices” deals with aspects of the “difference” and the “otherness”, the prejudices and the stereotypes in the mutual perceptions of Muslims and Non-Muslims and respectively models of behavior and attitudes towards “the different.” Chapter three “Tolerance and Dialogue” focuses on the necessity to start a gradual process of tolerance education and reflects on positive models of dialogue and interaction with the different form us.  
Part two of the handbook presents the exercises that were used in the two training modules developed within the framework of the project – “Un-veiling the Prejudice” and “Diversity Awareness”. They include various techniques for awareness raising and rethinking of the cultural and religious differences. Presented step – by – step, they include clear instructions to support any teacher/trainer in the process of creating more interactive learning environments. (…).” (Retrieved on September 11, 2008 from

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