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Making multicultural Australia

Making Multicultural Australia is a website which aims to assist young people of upper primary and high school age, their parents, the teachers and the wider community explore our cultural diversity. It provides information on the contributions that different cultural groups have made to the development of Australian society and on the various views towards [...]

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Interculture Map

"Interculture" has become an umbrella-term used to define a vast range of initiatives, all differing in their motivations, intentions and results. There is now an established rhetoric of interculture, which is used in many projects that define themselves as intercultural, but too often use the terminology automatically and uncritically. Nonetheless, there are several projects that [...]

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Inter Network

The INTER Network purpose is to improve quality of education and contribute to innovation in schools by assisting them in the adoption / implementation of an intercultural approach, fostering the reflection on cultural diversity and providing a scenario in which to cooperate, exchange and elaborate practical tools for initial and in-service teacher training. Teachers can [...]

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European Wergeland Centre

The European Wergeland Centre was set up by the Norwegian authorities in May 2009 in collaboration with the Council of Europe to promote research, development and networking in the fields of intercultural education, human rights education and education for democratic citizenship across the 47 states of the Council of Europe. Issues concerned with education about [...]

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