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Center for Dialogues

New York University Center for Dialogues: Islamic World – U.S. – The West was established in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, which highlighted the urgent need for greater communication among and about the Islamic World, the United States, and the West. The Center was launched as a structured forum for sustained dialogue involving voices [...]

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Intercultural Communication Institute (ICI)

The Intercultural Communication Institute is a private, nonprofit foundation designed to foster an awareness and appreciation of cultural differences in both the international and domestic arenas. ICI is based on the beliefs that education in the areas of intercultural communication can improve competence in dealing with cultural difference and minimize destructive conflict among national, ethnic [...]

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ArtemissziĆ³ Foundation

The ArtemissziĆ³ Foundation has been operating since 1998 as a non-profit organization of public interest, aiming to achieve its objectives through the research, promotion and use of the theory and practice of intercultural communication. Its goals are to encourage continuous dialogue and interaction between culturally, ethnically and socially diverse groups and to foster their mutual [...]

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