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European Platform on Religious Intolerance and Discrimination (EPRID)

EPRID is a is a network of civil society organizations, religious bodies and individuals operating at EU level and focusing on religious intolerance and discrimination.
EPRID does not represent any particular religious group, denomination or organization. The platform will seek to ensure it has a balanced membership from religious groups and civil society organizations.

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Interfaith Kosovo

The online portal Interfaith Kosovo is established as a follow up of the Milvian Bridge Conference organized by the American University of Kosovo, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo with participation of many ecumenical organizations from around the world.
This initiative is an innovative approach to diplomacy through civil society. Kosovo has taken important steps towards [...]

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ENORB – European Network on Religion and Belief

The European Network on Religion and Belief (ENORB) seeks to work with others to develop a long-term network, within the framework of EU policies on equalities and fundamental rights, to combat discrimination and promote mutual understanding in the field of Religion and Belief. ENORB will facilitate dialogue between Religion and Belief [...]

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EUROCLIO Special Report — Georgia: Uncovering Diversity in History

This special report from EUROCLIO details the methods, conclusions, and preliminary results of a EUROCLIO project on Tolerance Building Through History Education In Georgia. One of the project outputs was a teaching tool “How We Lived Together in the 20th Century in Georgia.” The book is a collection of 29 modules offering innovative sources and [...]

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Islam (Instruction) in State Schools: An EU Lifelong Learning Project

This project addresses the teaching and learning challenges and the need for successful integration through education of Muslim migrants in Europe, as well as providing officials, directors and teachers in school an understanding of international norms for freedom of religious expression within the framework of respect for human rights. Two noteworthy publications (e-books) that are [...]

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The South East Europe Education Cooperation Network (SEE-ECN)

The South East Europe Education Cooperation Network (SEE-ECN) is a broad-based, low-cost regional initiative that supports the exchange of information, ideas, and know-how for the reform and quality improvement of education in 11 countries in South East Europe. It provides an example of capacity mobilization and of east-east cooperation achieved through virtual networking. SEE-ECN [...]

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Network for Ecumenical Learning in Central and Eastern Europe (NELCEE)

The idea of such a network emerged during the debates held at the last three conferences with the topic "The future of Ecumenical Theological Education in Central and Eastern Europe".In order to extend the mutual cooperation, NELCEE will encourage and support common research projects, provide an on-line ecumenical library, promote student and academics exchange in [...]

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The Department of Philosophy of Religion and Religious Studies of the State St.Petersburg University

The Department of Philosophy of Religion and Religious Studies at the State St.Petersburg University is working in the various fields of Religious Studies and Philosophy of Religion. The Department participates in the different types of exchanging programs in the wide sphere of religious and theological studies. It offers programs of undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD levels.

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Interkultura – Intercultural Center

Interkultura was founded as a non-governmental and interdisciplinary association by a group of scientists and interculturalistes in Zagreb in 1995. It aims to promote intercultural education and communications. Its approach to multiculturalism relies on documents of UNESCO, Council of Europe and European Union as well as on selective transfer of models of intercultural education and [...]

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International Multireligious Intercultural Center (IMIC)

IMIC provides a platform for the promotion of inter-religious dialogue and development of discourse on justice and peace in B&H and in the South East Europe. The organization supports the goal of a multireligious, multiethnic and multicultural society in B&H, and promotes a complete democratization and reintegration of the country and its people, securing of [...]

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