Warwick Religions and Education Research Unit (WRERU)

Areas of Interest
teachers, clergy, culture, development projects, identity formation, qualitative research, quantitative research, religions and education, religious diversity, Religious Education, research projects
Institute of Education
West Europe

The Warwick Religions and Education Research Unit (WRERU) was established in 1994, under the Directorship of Professor Robert Jackson, and is based in the Institute of Education at the University of Warwick, UK. WRERU undertakes externally funded research and development projects in religions and education and related fields. WRERU has specialist expertise in a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and in applying the findings of research to fields such as religious education, intercultural education, citizenship education, peace education, human rights education, teacher training, clergy training and medical education. WRERU also has specialist expertise in psychological research in relation to religions and education, including studies of young people’s attitudes. WRERU has a particular interest in the interplay between religion and culture in society, the values of young people, changing patterns of cultural life in various religio-ethnic groups, the role of religion in identity formation in childhood and adolescence, teaching and learning in religious education and related fields. WRERU is also concerned with the study of religious and education professionals including life history studies with teachers and studies of clergy. The WRERU website gives further information on past and present research projects, staff biographies, distance learning teaching courses and publications associated with both staff and projects. Keywords: religious education, religious diversity, religions and education, identity formation, qualitative research, quantitative research, culture, research projects, development projects, teachers, clergy

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