Education Towards Judaism and Human Rights

Learning is one of Judaism's highest values, and education is close to heart of every rabbi. Teaching is an act of faith in the possibility of building a better world. Through Talmud-Torah and Ma'asim Tovim, study and action, RHR rabbis educate Israelis of all ages towards respect for human rights and pursuit of social justice. RHR produces source materials that emphasize humanistic Jewish values and build Jewish and Israeli identity. The Israeli Ministry of Education has supported the development of RHR educational programs.   RHR conducts seminars for Israeli public school teachers, students, and their parents in secular and religious Jewish schools and in the Arab school system. RHR performs holiday and other special programs in the classroom, and hosts a series of symposia at teachers colleges. RHR members frequently appear in educational forums for soldiers and university students, lead educational tours for the general public, conduct programs for synagogues, and participate in panel discussions on human rights issues and in interfaith venues. RHR also guides groups of visitors to Israel on field seminars that examine crucial human rights issues.   RHR has created a Talmudic-style commentary on Israel’s Declaration of Independence. The program emphasizes themes that address the nature of the Jewish State: equality, democracy, ecology, religion and state, treatment of minorities, human rights obligations, and more. The project reaches thousands of Israeli school children, college students, and adult learners.

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