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Canada Research Chair on Islam, Pluralism, and Globalization (CRC-IPG), University of Montreal , Canada

The Canada research Chair on Islam, Pluralism, and Globalization (CRC-IPG), at the University of Montreal aims at participating (to participate) to worldwide peace building through a research agenda focused on answering the following question: How, to what extent, and with which means, do the Muslim communities contribute to peace building, locally and globally ? [...]

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Association for Intercultural Education (AULA)

The International Association for Intercultural Education has brought together professional educators interested in diversity and equity issues in education. This includes intercultural, multicultural, anti-racist and human rights education, conflict-resolution, multilingualism issues, etc. The IAIE brings together both academics and classroom teachers from a variety of disciplines by organizing workshops, seminars and conferences, and by [...]

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LÂ’Association internationale pour la défense de la liberté religieuse (AIDLR)

L’Association internationale pour la défense de la liberté religieuse est une organisation non gouvernementale accréditée auprès du Comité de l’ECOSOC des Nations Unies, et dotée du statut participatif au Conseil de l’Europe. Elle a pour but de répandre les idées de tolérance et de défendre le droit pour toute personne à la liberté de pensée, [...]

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The Intereuropean Commission on Church and School (ICCS)

The Intereuropean Commission on Church and School (ICCS) is a working group, created in 1958 as a result of the initiative of individual representatives of various European churches. The aim was to provide a framework for cooperation in monitoring and developing the place of Religious Education in European schools. ICCS is now active in the [...]

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The Intercultural Communication and Leadership School (ICLS)

Intercultural communication and leadership are the joint initiative and leading partnerships of people from different cultures, religions or ethnicity, to serve people living side by side to be able to live together, interact and function as a peaceful and prosperous community or society. We believe peace and co-operation between people prevail even where institutions divide [...]

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Elijah Interfaith Institute

The Elijah Interfaith Institute strives to foster peace between the world's diverse faith communities through interfaith dialogue, education, research and dissemination. This multinational organization brings together world religious leaders and renowned scholars, through research projects, public conferences and community-based initiatives.

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IREX is an international nonprofit organization providing leadership and innovative programs to improve the quality of education, strengthen independent media, and foster pluralistic civil society development.
Founded in 1968, IREX has an annual portfolio of over $60 million and a staff of 500 professionals worldwide. IREX and its partner IREX Europe deliver cross-cutting programs and consulting [...]

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Three Faiths Forum

The Three Faiths Forum has been working to encourage harmony and confront prejudice for over ten years. We seek to build lasting relationships between people of different faiths (and those of no religion). Our activities encourage friendship, peace, goodwill and understanding, especially between Muslims, Christians and Jews. Main activities: Improving dialogue and communication [...]

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Global Ethic Foundation

The aim of the Global Ethic Foundation is to carry out and encourage inter-cultural and inter-religious research through theological and other research into the foundations of the religions, especially through the production and promotion of academic publications (books and articles) in the interest of inter-cultural, inter-religious and inter-denominational understanding.
Also they wish to stimulate and implement [...]

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BluWorld is a global education, networking, jobs, entrepreneurship and activism portal conected to an email account system, BluMail, for millions who will be coming online in developing countries. As the use of the Internet spreads to developing countries, individuals are not exposed to "make a difference" content, networking or empowerment opportunities; instead it is [...]

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