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The Power of Imagination

“One really important thing is how we imagine the world, how we create some of the reality that we live in by imagining it. The phenomenon of the social imaginary gives us not just some topics that we talk about, but the very way we talk, the way we think of the world. How do [...]

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Pluralism in Islam and the Ethics of Coexistence

On October 10th, Professor Abdulaziz Sachedina introduced his efforts on the roots of pluralism and coexistence within Islam to his audience at Hartford Seminary. This text is the result of a talk between Professor Abdulaziz Sachedina and Elena Dini about the conference held by the Professor at Hartford Seminary: “Political Theology of Pluralism in Islam: [...]

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Resetdoc Essays Collection: Islam and the Emerging Patterns of its Political Transformation

With this summer issue of its Essays collection, Resetdoc presents to its readers the research and thoughts of three prominent intellectuals on the political transformations experienced by Islam and its numerous interlocutors throughout history up to present time.

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