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What is religion in China? A brief history

A short text about religion in China. The text takes you back to the early history and the Shamaniac religions that were the earliest religions recorded in China. Through the interactions of European religious traditions, the Qing Dynasty, and to … Continue reading

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Religion peace and interfaith dialogue importance

An article for the Interfaith Campaign for a better Europe about the difference between faith and religion and the importance of interfaith dialogue.

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Fostering Pluralism: Received Models under Scrutiny

This issue of ResetDOC (October 28 – November 18, 2013) holds three essays on the debate on viable models for the coexistence of diversity. – Authenticity of Cultures and of Persons, Beate Roessler, University of Amsterdam – The Emerging Domain … Continue reading

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Resetdoc Essays Collection: Islam and the Emerging Patterns of its Political Transformation

With this summer issue of its Essays collection, Resetdoc presents to its readers the research and thoughts of three prominent intellectuals on the political transformations experienced by Islam and its numerous interlocutors throughout history up to present time.

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Multiculturalism as important characteristic of contemporary education

This entry in the International Journal of Cognitive Research in Science, Engineering and Education (IJCRSEE), stresses the importance of multicultural education in many contemporary societies characterized by cultural varieties, multilingualism, and different ethnic and confessional views.

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Educational twinning across continents

Two elementary schools, one in Israel and the other in the United States has initiated an Educational Twinning program where two classrooms from separate geographical and national areas infuse added value to traditional learning through joint activities that are designed … Continue reading

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Student Voices on Impact of Teaching About World Religions

Utilizing the voices of student interviewees from Modesto , Dr. Emile Lester, University of Mary Washington and Dr. Patrick Roberts, Virginia Tech University, discuss in this article the impact of teaching about world religions on intolerance/tolerance, religious freedom, and changes … Continue reading

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Interfaith Dialogue and Religious Education: Indonesia

In this article, Zainal A. Bagir from our partner organization Gadjah Mada University's Center for Religious and Cross-cultural Studies explores the theoretical and practical implications of making interfaith dialogue a part of religious education, whether in a mono-religious model, a … Continue reading

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