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CFP Deadline: Nov. 13, FaithXChange Symposium, “Alternative Visions in the Public Sphere,” UK

[ October 31, 2015 to November 13, 2015. ] FaithXChange is a community of students and researchers committed to the study of religion and belief, and its interaction with theory, politics, policy and practice.

Over the last forty years, understandings of the public sphere have been dominated by secular discourses. Literature over the last twenty years has identified a renewed visibility of religion. Yet religion [...]

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Freedom of Religion or Belief – how the FCO can help promote respect for this human right

These guidelines are developed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and elaborated with the help of specialist stakeholders, They aim to provide a simple introduction to the issues for FCO posts and desks, an analytical matrix to identify problems, some general responses to frequently raised issues of freedom of religion and belief, and other resources [...]

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