Sep. 10-13 Poland Conference, “Transfers” in Baltic Sea Region between VIII-XVII centuries,

The University of Gdansk & Gdansk University of Technology in Poland are holding an international conference, “Conference Origines et mutationes circa principio Mare Balticum: Transfer of people, ideas,technologies and religion in Baltic Sea Region between VIII-XVII centuries” September 10-13, 2014. The conference is aimed at wide range of researchers, e.g. from Ph.D. Candidates to Professors, giving each of them an opportunity to exchange knowledge or start new research projects.

The focus of the conference is “transfer”, which best explains the changes Baltic Sea region has undergone from VIII to XVII centuries.

Presentations & Conference proceedings are divided into 4 main groups:
1. Transfer of People: Settlement process, Trade, Logistics, Diplomacy
2. Transfer of Ideas: Law, Tradition & Customs, Political Concepts
3. Transfer of Technology: Land & Maritime Craft, Agriculture, Medicine
4. Transfer of Religion: Dispersion of pagan beliefs; Christianization process

Registrations:, and more information at

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