Religious Diversity and Education in Europe

Description: This major series of books is called ‘Religious Diversity and Education in Europe’, started in 2006, edited by Cok Bakker, Hans Günter Heimbrock, Robert Jackson, Geir Skeie and Wolfram Weisse. The series arose from a European research project – ‘Religion in Education. A contribution to dialogue or a factor of conflict transforming societies of European Countries (REDCo)’ ( and the work of the European Network for Religious Education through Contextual Approaches (ENRECA).  At the time of writing there are 19 volumes in the series. The REDCo related books include a European study of religion in different European educational systems; European qualitative and quantitative studies with young people; studies of teachers and studies of individual countries. There is also a book by a community of practice recording action research studies applying the pedagogical principles of the interpretive approach (Ipgrave, Jackson and O’Grady 2009). The latest volume is From Indifference to Dialogue? Olga Schihalejev’s study of religion and education in Estonia – the first book of its kind in English about the Estonian situation. Details of all titles can be found at:

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