Oct. 25, Conference on “Growth, Stagnation, Decline, and Renewal of the Christian Churches in Korea,” 1945-2020, USA

2013 Im Conference of Korean Christianity, UCLA Center for Korean Studies:
Growth, Stagnation, Decline, and Renewal of the Christian Churches in Korea, 1945-2020
Conference Date: October 25, 2013

The conference aims to investigate the history of growth and decline of the Christian churches in the post-Korean War Korea. It would include the following issues: history and theories of growth, stagnation, and decline of Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Anglican churches in contemporary Korea; comparison of Protestantism with Roman Catholicism; critical issues in 1970s for the future life of Korean Christianity; critical issues in 1980s; major reasons of decline of Protestantism in 1990s; vital issues for the renewal of the church in 2010s in relation to the Korean society (including North Korea) and world Christianity.

Questions regarding the the conference may be directed to Ms. Sejung Kim, Assistant Director of the UCLA Center for Korean Studies, skimATinternational.ucla.edu and Mrs. Peyton Park, Program Representative, pparkATinternational.ucla.edu

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