New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation

Areas of Interest
peacebuilding, education, Interfaith dialogue
RABO HOUSE, #1 Mazaram Road, Rayfield, P.0.B0X 6451
Jos, Plateau State
Nigeria, 234
West Africa
Phone #

New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation is on a mission to establish cross-cultural leadership teams of young women and men, with skills that will help them emerge from dysfunctional families and a drug-influenced life on the streets, to become peer-leaders and agents of peace capable of helping themselves and influencing their communities for good. We are intentionally teaming spiritual innovators and other exemplary adults with needful youth to equip them to pass forward all they have learned as valuable, contributing agents of change in their communities. Beginning at the heart, we help young people commit themselves to education and concrete goals, while helping them discover and develop their unique talents, and potentiality. Both self-disciplined and imaginative, these youth are becoming productive citizens and leaders capable of teamwork and shaping a positive, sustainable society that rejects violence and insists on communication excellence and unbridled compassion for all. The youth develop values that include:
(1) A sense of belonging to a common and interconnected humanity.
(2) Respect and a sense of dignity for all people.
(3) A dedication to preserving the natural environment.
(4) A strong social service ethic.

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