National Secular Society

Areas of Interest
separation of religion and state, Britain, equality between all citizens, secular society, Secularism
25 Red Lion Square
West Europe
Phone #
020 7404 3126
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0870 762 8971

The National Secular Society is Britain’s only organisation working exclusively towards a secular society. Founded in 1866, the NSS campaigns from a non-religious perspective for the separation of religion and state and promote secularism as the best means to create a society in which people of all religions or none can live together fairly and cohesively. The NSS sees secularism, that is, the position that the state should be separate from religion, as an essential element in promoting equality between all citizens.

The NSS works in the UK and Europe to challenge the disproportionate influence of religion on governments and in public life. The organisation provides a secular voice in the media, defending freedom and equality as a counterbalance to the powerful religious lobby and some of the more destructive religious impulses that can threaten human rights worldwide.

The National Secular Society is a non-party-political organisation with members from across the social and political spectrum. Its Honorary Associates include MPs and peers, as well as leading figures from politics, journalism, law and the arts.

The NSS is a democratic and independent non-profit organisation which receives no funding from government or other public bodies. Its Campaigning is wholly supported by its members and supporters, people like you who share the belief in the urgent need to keep religion and politics separate.

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