International Institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy

Areas of Interest
World’s Religious and Philosophical Traditions, Conflict Prevention and Resolution, History, peace, philosophy, religion, spirituality
Castle of the Muses Carrick Castle Loch Goil
Cairndow, Argyll
UK, PA24 8AQ
West Europe
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+44 01301 703053
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+44 01301 703053

The Institute is unique among research centers throughout the world in that it combines training and practical work in conflict resolution with studying the entire range of global philosophical and spiritual traditions, together with the proactive search for global responsibility and justice in our time.

Dr. Thomas C Daffern, Director, is an academic specialist in interfaith research and comparative global philosophy and is the creator of the unique Periodic Table of the World’s Religious and Philosophical Traditions, a new attempt to codify, categorize and present the entire gamut of human spiritual, religious, philosophical, intellectual and scientific searchings over the history of our species. It lists all known spiritual and scientific systems of thought, knowledge and belief according to one of 168 separate entries. The Table is intended for use in schools, colleges, Universities, seminaries, Mosques, Synagogues, Gurdwaras, temples, libraries and wherever people are interested in comparing and analysing the different belief systems of the planet.

IIPSGP runs the Multifaith and Multicultural Mediation Service (MMMS) and the Director has served in an official capacity for several major interfaith organizations including the World Conference on Religion and Peace. Uniquely positioned across the secular-spiritual divide, as befits a philosophical and academic institution, IIPSGP calls for dialogue between scientists and spiritual thinkers worldwide to advance rational discourse, dialogue and research into the ways and means of securing a peaceful global society.

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