CFP Deadline: Oct .7 , Journal Issue on Global Education, Peace & Social Justice

A special issue of Peace Research: The Canadian Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies addresses the relationship between global education and initiatives that foster peace and social justice. For instance, how does education for global competence advance an agenda of peace building and social justice awareness? There has, for some time now, been a proliferation of curricula and programmes that claim to promote peace or social justice through global education pedagogies. The widespread movement to include international service learning in education at all levels is just one frequent facet of these efforts. But how exactly do these programs contribute to peace and social justice? What impact are these programs having on the ground in different local contexts? What kinds of assessment tools can be used to understand and improve these programmes? And how do these tools apply across different cultural contexts and for different demographic target groups?

Papers are solicited for a special issue that would address some of the following themes:
• The value of different assessment tools across cultural contexts

• Comparative analysis of K-12 and post-secondary assessment tools

• The relationship of global education and peace education in contemporary society

• The history of the intersection of global and peace education

• Pedagogies that seek to advance a peace agenda through global education

• Conceptual frameworks for incorporating global competencies and peace education

• The impact of international service learning programs on peace and social justice initiatives

• Case studies of global education programmes that explicitly incorporate a peace agenda

• Critical analysis of the scholarship on peace and social justice initiatives from a global education perspective

Please submit abstracts (500 words) along with a brief biographical statement to the editors of this special issue by Monday, October 7, 2013.

For further information contact:
Guest Editor:
Dr. Jennifer Dueck
Dr. Richard McCutcheon

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