CFP Deadline: Oct 30, Book on Religious Diversity in Africa and Asia: Discourses and Realities

Following the 55 BANDUNG 55 Seminars of the 55th Anniversary of 1955 Bandung Asian-African Conference held in Indonesia in October/November 2010, a series of books under the label of Bandung Spirit Book Series is in the course of publication. The coming book is dealing with “RELIGIOUS DIVERSITY IN AFRICA AND ASIA: Discourses and Realities” under the editorship of Darwis Khudori and Elikia Mbokolo and planned to be launched in April 2013 during the annual commemoration of Bandung Asian-African Conference. Those willing to contribute a paper for the publication are invited to send an abstract until October 30, 2012. The detailed call for papers is online at

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