CFP Deadline: Oct 31, Special Issue on African Diaspora Religion

October 4, 2012 7:00 amtoOctober 30, 2012 11:00 pm

The Journal of the National Association of Student Anthropologists special issue on African Diaspora Religion issue aims to explore the social, political, and cultural meanings and functions of African diaspora religions. This inquiry has continued up to the present day as African diaspora religions have become transnational and are networks through which ideas about spirituality, community, authenticity, origins, body and space circulate. In addition, this special issue will examine the latest work on African diaspora religious practice, its contribution to the field of anthropology, and a discussion of its trajectory and where scholars hope to see it go in the future. This edition will discuss and examine the different ways of viewing and analyzing the African diaspora in and through religious practice, and the accompanying complications that occur in social, political, cultural and material life. This special issue will seek to explore how African diaspora religious tradition intersects with and enhances discussions of a wide array of topics such as the environment, globalization, spatialization, urbanization, immigration, etc. The journal will only accept original scholarly submissions from undergraduate and graduate students worldwide. FOR FULL CFP, PLEASE CONTACT LISANNE NORMAN, LNORMAN918(at)GMAIL.COM

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