Sep. 10-12 Conference: Women, Authority and Leadership in Christianity and Islam Conference, UK.

The role of women is one of the most challenging issues facing Christianity and Islam today. This international, interdisciplinary conference on  “Women, Authority and Leadership in Christianity and Islam,” will bring together leading academics, religious leaders and representatives of Muslim and Christian communities to explore questions of women’s representation, participation and leadership, and to look at diverse responses to these issues within the two traditions.

Academic Conference:
10th and 11th September
The first two days will be for academic participants.

Dialogues and Encounters:
12th September
A day of workshops, discussions and seminars involving conference participants and invited representatives of religious communities

Conference Themes
•    Revelation and interpretation: women, authority and leadership in religious texts.
•    Women interpreters of the Bible or the Qur’an.
•    Theological and doctrinal issues relating to the role of women.
•    Historical and contemporary perspectives on women as leaders, religious representatives, spiritual figures or role models.
•    Women’s devotional practices in relation to institutions and authority structures.
•    Secularism and women’s rights.
•    Women’s religious communities and societies.
•    Women imams, preachers, priests and ministers.


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