CFP Deadline: Jan 31, Special Journal Issue on “Religion and Development,” Nigeria

HIRENTHA: Journal of the Humanities Redeemer’s University (RUN), Ogun State, Nigeria
The twin issues of religion and development have had a long history of engagement in the humanities. From the perspectives of history and international relations, language and literature, and theatre arts, there have been many far-reaching scholarly enquiries into the complex relationship between the two and the roles they have played in helping to facilitate or to hinder personal, national and global progress.

HIRENTHA: Journal of the Humanities is the journal of the College of the Humanities, Redeemer’s University (RUN) located in Ogun State, Nigeria. For its inaugural issue, it will be taking an in-depth look at religion and development in the context of the 21st century – a period whose impact on these twin phenomena is likely to be more profound than that of any previous era in human existence. The objective is twofold: to proffer insights into the current state of the connection between religion and development, and to make reasoned projections on how emerging trends are likely to redefine and reconfigure their relationship.

To this end, HIRENTHA requests insightful and well-researched articles on the above issues. They should be from historical, international relations, linguistic, literary and theatre perspectives, and their scope might reflect the approaches suggested below, but are not limited to them:
• Conservatively Progressive: Integrating Religion and Development
• Action and Reaction: New Paradigms for Religion and Development
• Signs of the Times: Religion, Development and Globalization
• Squaring the Circle: Religion and Development in a Secular Society
• One Nation Under God: Religion, Development and Notions of Nationhood
• My God is Bigger Than Yours: Religion, Development and National Prestige
• Work and Pray: Balancing Religion and Development
• In the Beginning Was the Word: Emerging Trends in the Language of Religion and their Relevance for Development
• Speaking Truth to Power: Towards a Sociolinguistics of Religious Activism
• Preaching and Teaching: The Utilization of Religion in Theatre for Development
• God on the Stage: Religion and Development in Modern Drama
• Pundits and Pulpits: Religion and Development as Literary Themes
• Reluctant Witness: Literary Portrayals of Religion in National Development

All papers must be preceded by a 150-word abstract with at least four keywords, and be no longer than 6,000 words in length (including notes). The APA reference style (6th edition) should be used to prepare references. The deadline for the submission of manuscripts is January 31, 2013. Completed papers should be e-mailed as attachments in Microsoft Word to the Secretary, Editorial Committee, HIRENTHA: Journal of the Humanities, at hirentha(at) or hirentha(at)

Harry Olufunwa
College of Humanities
Redeemer’s University (RUN)
Mowe, Ogun State
Email: hirentha(at)

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