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CFA Deadline: Sep. 30, EHRI Fellowships in Holocaust Studies 2013, Europe and Israel

[ August 26, 2013 to September 30, 2013. ] EHRI (European Holocaust Research Infrastructure) invites applications for its fellowship programme for 2014.

The EHRI fellowships are intended to support and stimulate Holocaust research by facilitating international access to key archives and collections related to the Holocaust. The fellowships intend to support researchers and younger scholars, especially PhD candidates with limited resources. The fellowships are funded [...]

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CFP Deadline: Sep. 1. “Envisioning the Eucharist: Medieval & Byzantine Art” Symposium, USA

[ August 13, 2013 to September 1, 2013. ] The Association of Scholars of Christianity in the History of Art (ASCHA) is holding the “Envisioning the Eucharist: Medieval & Byzantine Art” Symposium at The Art Institute of Chicago, February 11, 2014, one day prior to the CAA’s annual conference. Entrance free with museum admission.

ASCHA seeks papers that examine how Eucharistic doctrine was propagated — [...]

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CFP Deadline: August 25, 2013 Im Conference of Korean Christianity, USA

[ August 12, 2013 to August 25, 2013. ] 2013 Im Conference of Korean Christianity, UCLA Center for Korean Studies:
“Growth, Stagnation, Decline, and Renewal of the Christian Churches in Korea, 1945-2020”
Conference Date: October 25, 2013

The conference aims to investigate the history of growth and decline of the Christian churches in the post-Korean War Korea. It would include the following issues: history and theories [...]

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Niagara Foundation

Niagara Foundation strives to foster civic conversations and sustained relationships between people of different cultures and faiths. The mission is carried out via various programs and strives to serve societal peace, love, and friendship wisely and compassionately in support of human dignity and the common good by striving to bring forth the common values of humanity; [...]

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Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center

The Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center empowers people from different cultures to become successful and engaged members of the community by coordinating services and informational programs. Through education, the Center strive to breakdown cultural barriers that arise from differences in language, appearance or ethnic traditions.

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Coexist Foundation

The Coexist Foundation is a non-profit organization creating understanding across divides.
Since 2006, the Coexist Foundation has forged a range of inspiring initiatives to create understanding through education and innovation.

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New York Peace Institute

The New York Peace Institute is committed to promoting peace in communities – whether a dispute involves two people, dozens of people, or several groups. As experts in conflict response, the New York Peace Institute empowers people to find creative and durable solutions to their disputes. The institute teaches vital conflict resolution skills to communities [...]

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European Platform on Religious Intolerance and Discrimination (EPRID)

EPRID is a is a network of civil society organizations, religious bodies and individuals operating at EU level and focusing on religious intolerance and discrimination.
EPRID does not represent any particular religious group, denomination or organization. The platform will seek to ensure it has a balanced membership from religious groups and civil society organizations.

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June 27, Lecture, “René Cassin, the Holocaust, and the Universal Declaration for Human Rights,” England

[ June 27, 2013; 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. ] Remembrance is not a human right but the precondition for the effective establishment and maintenance of a regime of human rights. In this lecture Professor Jay Winter (Yale University) explores the central role played by Holocaust remembrance in the framing and passage of one of the foundational human rights documents of the twentieth century: the [...]

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Interfaith Kosovo

The online portal Interfaith Kosovo is established as a follow up of the Milvian Bridge Conference organized by the American University of Kosovo, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo with participation of many ecumenical organizations from around the world.
This initiative is an innovative approach to diplomacy through civil society. Kosovo has taken important steps towards [...]

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