Apr. 27-29, Denmark conference, “Colonial Christian missions and their legacies,”

An international conference on “Colonial Christian missions and their legacies” will be held at the University of Copenhagen, 27-29 April 2015.

Over the past decade the entanglement of mission work and colonialism has become central to representations of Christian missions and their legacies. Indeed, discussions over the role and legacy of both Catholic and Protestant missions are currently taking place both in the global historiography on European missions, and in more localized discussions of missions in a diverse range of post-colonial, and not-yet-post-colonial contexts. Despite disagreement on the precise nature of missions’ legacy, most commentators seem to agree that in social, religious, linguistic and educational terms, histories of Christian missions still have a significant impact on post- and not-yet-post- colonial societies today. This conference aims to take a global look at these histories, their legacies and representations.

How are colonial Christian missions remembered or memorialised in different contexts and spaces? How are they forgotten? What voice do indigenous people (Christian and non-Christian) have in these representations? And how can academics, artists, museum directors and educators, move towards representing them in more multifaceted, nuanced, and thought-provoking ways?

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