A Trainer’s Guide to Inter-faith Peacebuidling in Sri Lanka

The attached manual has been developed with funding from USAID and the collaboration of Tetra Tech. Sarvodaya and the US-­based organization, Karuna Center for Peace-building,worked intensively with a core group 80 Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian religious leaders and additional 80 young religious committee members, offering peace-building trainings and intensive inter-faith dialogues aimed at promoting mutual understanding and reconciliation.

The manual includes models that give an overview of inter-faith peacebuilding and its role in social reconstruction, as well as sections on conflict analysis; social healing and dialogue; peacebuilding interventions; guidelines for training; and group-building exercises. Trainers can select from these sections to best serve the needs of a particular group, keeping in mind that less is usually more.

The training exercises in this manual were essential to building the skills necessary to carry this work forward.

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