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First International Symposium on Rethinking the Qur’an Conference

[ November 15, 2012; May 3, 2013 to May 5, 2013. ] This meeting is organized the Research Institute for Philosophical Foundation of Disciplines and will focus methodologically on the Qur’anic text in terms of studying, understanding and interpreting. The purpose is to bring together academicians, thinkers, authors; expertises with a particular interest in Qur’anic studies for discussions on the Qur’an and its text itself and participants [...]

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Conference on Multicultural Education

[ July 18, 2012; ] The 17th Annual New England Conference on Multicultural Education is a one-day event about how to integrate multicultural aspects into the classroom and curricular. The event has invited three keynote speakers all with a different idea as how to best accomplish this successfully.

The event is free and open for teachers, school social workers, NGO’s, guidance [...]

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Teaching About Religion in Support of Civic Pluralism

The aim of this resource is to provide background information and classroom materials related to teaching about religion in public schools in support of pluralism, acknowleding that public schools are for students of all worldviews whether religious or nonreligious, and that public school teachers, as professionals, need to exercise a scrupulous neutrality regarding religion.

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