Sep. 20, UK, Intl. Conference on Islamic Law

The International Islamic Law Forum in UK is convening an International Conference on Islamic Law September 20, 2015, in London, UK.

The conference is set to address issues of pertinence to contemporary life with allusions to historical backgrounds.

Potential topics include:

– Principles of Islamic Law

– Comparative Islamic Law

– Educational Systems of Legal and  Fiqh Training (Seminaries, Universities…)

– Modern and Traditional Concept and  Process of Ijtihad

– Legal systems in Muslim countries  and countries with sizable Muslim majorities

– Comparative International law with reference  to Islamic Law

– Islamic law and Constitutional Law

– Comparative Principles of the Islamic Law

– Due Process in Islam

– Islamic Law with the context of the Legal dual systems

– Islamic law with reference to politics

– Sources of Islamic Law

– Islamic Law and Democracy

– Islamic Law and Human Rights


For registration, please contact the organizers via the email:

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