Lecture and Discussion, Feb 13: Equality, Freedom and Religion, Washington, DC, USA

Equality, Freedom, & Religion
February 13, 2012 | 04:00PM
Berkley Center 3rd floor conference room
RSVP required
In the light of recent controversies in the US and UK on the conflicts between religious freedom and other human rights, ERB partner Georgetown University’s Berkley Center offers a presentation by philosopher and Religious Freedom Project scholar Roger Trigg on Monday, February 13. He will discuss his new book, Equality, Freedom, and Religion (Oxford, 2012), which raises the question of whether any freedom can be preserved for long if the basic human right to freedom of religious belief and practice is subordinated to other social concerns (particularly to the pursuit of equality). Responding to the book will be William Galston, Brookings Institute scholar and former policy advisor to President Clinton, and Helen AlvarĂ©, professor of law at George Mason University and regular commentator on issues of law and religion.

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