Jan 8 UK Symposium: Sacred or Secular: Politics, Policy, Practice.

Religion and belief are now widely recognized in the public sphere, but not fully comprehended in terms of politics, policy and practice. These spheres are still framed by an older, secular context, which now seems unsuitable.

Exploring these issues will be the Symposium on “Sacred or Secular: Politics, Policy, Practice,” which will take place at Goldsmiths, University of London on January 8 2014 in RHB 137, 9am-4:30pm. The symposium is supported by the Graduate Funds of Goldsmiths, and by STaCS Department and the Faiths & Civil Society Unit of Goldsmith.

This Symposium is the first event to open up a collaborative and interdisciplinary dialogue among researchers, academics and everyone influenced by the work of the former, as to collate knowlege and underline facts surround faith and belief in relation to the three Ps; Politics, Policy and Practice.

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