Jan 8-11, Society of Jewish Ethics 2015 Conference, USA

The 2015 annual meeting of the Society of Jewish Ethics will be held in Chicago, January 8-11, 2015.  The conference will feature presentations on reproductive ethics, ethics consultation, bioethical research protocols, human rights and human dignity, and a panel on recent advancements in Jewish food ethics are among the panels.  Leading into Shabbat lunch, a joint SJE-SCE panel will investigate the possibilities of reimagining covenantal conceptions of law in Jewish and Christian thought.  Other SJE sessions explore fin de siècle moralizing representations of intermarriage, the violence of Meir Kahane, Jewish labor ethics, and the ethics of wealth and poverty.

On Thursday, run by the SJE Bioethics Group, Dr. Erin Bakanas, chair of the St. Louis University Hospital Ethics Committee, will discuss “medical business ethics.”  Details of both the Bioethics and overall SJE programs are available at the website of the group.

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