June 20 Documentary: Buddhism after the Tsunami-The Souls of Zen, Japan

Sophia University Institute of Comparative Culture Research Unit on “3.11 as Crisis and Opportunity” presents a screening of a documentary film on

Buddhism after the Tsunami-The Souls of Zen 3/11 Japan Special

June 20, 2014
Room 301, Building 10,
Yotsuya Campus, Sophia University

This documentary explores the role of Buddhism in care for the 3/11 bereaved and the dead based on attention to the everyday lives of Buddhist professionals in the disaster zone. Shot from March to December 2011 with a focus on Zen and Pure Land Buddhism, the film captures Buddhist temples and local communities in their struggles to rebuild. By contextualizing the triple disaster within recent rapid transformations in Buddhism and Japan’s enduring tradition of ancestor veneration, Souls of Zen reflects on the complex role of Buddhism in a society shaped by natural disasters, religious pluralism, and demographic change.

For information, please see this flyer.

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