Dec. 2-3, Conference on Judeo-Moroccan Memory by UNAOC Research Network partner, Morocco

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences of UNAOC Research Network Partner Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco, in collaboration with Mimouna Club-Ifrane, will hold an interdisciplinary conference on the theme “Judeo-Moroccan Memory: An Intellectual, Cultural and Political Heritage.” The event will be held 2-3 December 2012 to commemorate the first anniversary of the death of Simon Levy, Director of the Judeo-Moroccan Museum and Secretary General of the Foundation of Judeo-Moroccan Cultural Heritage. Born in Fez in 1934, Dr. Levy was, among many other things, Professor of Spanish at Mohamed V University, an active member of the Moroccan communist party and a leading authority on Morocco’s Jewish history and heritage. The primary purpose of the conference is to honor his memory by reflecting on the place of the Jewish community in the intellectual, cultural and political construction of Morocco. Another aim of the commemorative conference is to publish an edited volume in lasting memory of Simon Levy.

While the presence of Jews in Morocco goes back millennia, the forces of colonialism and the international context led to waves of emigration. Taking Dr. Levy’s life’s work as starting point, this conference seeks to explore the diversity of Jewish presence in the Moroccan historical, cultural, linguistic, artistic and political landscape and to relate Jewish histories to the construction of Morocco’s collective memory. The conference is being organized in collaboration with the Judeo-Moroccan Museum in Casablanca, where Simon Levy’s life and multifarious contributions will be honored, and will coincide with Al Akhawayn University’s fourth annual Moroccan Jewish Day.

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