CFA: Dec. 15, Workshop on Sharia Law –Jurisprudential Foundations, UK

Registrations are invited for a one-day workshop focusing on the jurisprudence of the Islamic law at the Oxford International Studies Institute, Oxford, UK on December 15, 2012.

This one day workshop highlights the foundations of the legal philosophy of Sharia Law. The areas which will be covered include: Introduction including an account of the advent of the jurisprudence in the Muslim world

  • The text and its interpretation; this will delve into -among other things- the denominational variations of the text as well as mythologies of legal construction
  • The rationalisation, analogical extrapolation and application of rules
  • The role of legal precedence
  • Customary features of law
  • Interaction and coexistence with international legal instruments

This workshop is intended for those who wish to gain an elaborate and yet succinct view of how law is made in Islam. The workshop encourages all to register particularly the legal scholars and practitioners and students.

A certificate of participation will be conferred to the registered attendees. For more information, write to Jill Carlton at, and visit the website.

Visit the website at

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