Dec. 1-2, Conference on Masjid, Zakat and Waqf, Malaysia

Recognizing the importance of Masjid, Zakat, and Waqf in social and national development, Al-Azhar Masjid, Selangor International Islamic University College (SIIUC) will organize an international conference on “Masjid, Zakat, and Waqf: Issues and Challenges in the Modern World,” 1-2 December 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This conference will provide an opportunity for participants to discuss, present and share knowledge related to Masjid, Zakat, and Waqf theoretically and practically. This conference also focuses on research and study that include all scientific field and current issues and challenges.

The objectives of the conference are:

1. Strengthen and establish the position of Masjid, Zakat and Waqf locally, nationally and globally.
2. Identifying issues related to Masjid, Zakat and Waqf (theoretical and practical.)
3. Submitting and giving solution on the issues related to Masjid, Zakat and Waqf.
4. Improving the management and administration of Masjid, Zakat and Waqf.
5. Optimizing the role of Masjid, Zakat and Waqf in Ummah development.
6. Providing individuals who are ready and able to face issues and challenges related to Masjid, Zakat and Waqf.

The conference will held in Malay, English, and Arabic.

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