CFP Deadline: Oct. 30, Cultural and Religious Diversity, Yearbook of International Society for History Didactics

The Yearbook of International Society for History Didactics ( seeks submissions for the 2013 issue that will focus on cultural and religious diversity and the implications for history education.

Scholarly articles in English that will deal with the topic of cultural and religious diversity in any of the following aspects are invited:

A. Analysis of the topic and historical aspects:
1) Historical examples of successful and less successful integration or living side by side;
2) Historical perspectives on how history education has dealt with issues of cultural and religious diversity;
3) Other relevant topics: country vs. city, postcolonial critics, language minorities, religious and political extremism.

B. Current research into aspects of history education:
1) Textbook and curricula studies;
2) Teaching materials and activities etc.;
3) Teachers’ and students’ ideas.

C. How should history teachers deal with present-day cultural and religious diversity, and with sensitive and controversial issues?

D. Historical consciousness and historical culture with regard to cultural and religious diversity.

Interested contributors please submit the full paper with abstracts in English, French and German, and a brief biography (with full contact information) to the Yearbook’s editor,
Prof. Joanna Wojdon,
Uniwersytet Wrocławski, Instytut Historyczny,
ul. Szewska 49,
50-139 Wrocław
as e-mail attachments to: joanna.wojdon(at)

Please follow the notes for contributors from
Submission deadline is: 30 October 2012.

Joanna Wojdon
Uniwersytet Wroclawski, Instytut Historyczny
ul. Szewska 49
50-139 Wroclaw
phone (+48) 713752520, 713752541
fax: (+48) 713436542
Email: joanna.wojdon(at)
Visit the website at

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