CFP Deadline: Jan 31, Conference, “Christian Faith and the University,” Canada

Christian Faith and the University is a three-day conference (Sept. 26-28, 2013) on the historic relationship between Christianity and the academy from the Reformation to the 21st century to be held at McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

Each panel will be composed of three presenters speaking from written texts on related themes, roughly 20-25 minutes in length (approx. 2500 words). Normally, presenters should be enrolled in or have completed a doctoral program of research. Abstracts may be submitted in English or French by January 31, 2013, should not exceed 250 words and should address one of the following questions:
(1) Does the secular university today have a place for the Christian academic?
2) How has the relation between Christianity and the university changed from the early modern to contemporary periods?
(3) What is a Christian historian? What is the importance of the Christian faith for the teaching of history, its significance as a discipline, and historical research?
(4) How have the Catholic church and the mainline Protestant churches in Canada responded to secularization and have evangelical Christians had any impact on them?
(5) Does Quebec’s divided Christian heritage present a particular opportunity and challenge given the dramatic changes in the province?
(6) Does the Reformed Protestant tradition provide a useful paradigm for academic engagement?

Visit the website for more details.

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