CFP Deadline: Feb 1, Kaufman Conference on Religious Traditions and Business Behavior, DC, USA

The Henry Kaufmann conference explores two central questions in the relationship between the world’s major religious traditions and the business behavior of adherents to those traditions:

  • First, what do the world’s major organized religious traditions – Protestantism, Catholicism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism – proscribe about business and financial ethics and behavior?
  • Second, how and why have business and financial actors seriously compromised the leading religious traditions of their cultures?

By interrogating these two core questions, the conference will yield insights valuable to contemporary business and religious leaders about abiding questions such as: Do the scriptures and doctrines of these religions appear to have had a marked effect on financial behavior? Does religion appear to be a more potent or less potent influence than business ethics courses in fostering sound, ethical, and socially responsible financial behavior? How can religion best be promulgated to make financial behavior more sound, ethical, and socially responsible?
Authors are invited to submit papers related to the questions listed above.
The deadline for submitting papers is February 1, 2012. Please submit completed papers as e-mail attachments to BusinessandReligion(at)
Note: When submitting a paper, please include a title page with an abstract, names of authors/affiliations, and contact information for the submitting author.
Scholars will be invited to participate in two discussion sessions in College Park, MD, prior to the Spring 2013 conference. Further instructions will be communicated to the scholars at the time of proposal selection.

Visit the website at

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