CFP Deadline: Aug 15, 7th International Conference on Youth and Interfaith Dialogue, Nigeria

The Theme of the 7th International Conference on Youth and Interfaith Dialogue is: “The Role of Religions to Build Peace & Security and Transcend Violent Extremism in Africa.” The conference will be held November 20-21, 2015 in Abuja, Nigeria.

Security is one of the most challenging issues in our world today. Security problem is such a global issue that there is virtually no country or continent that is left unaffected by the menace of terrorism and security challenges in general. While in principle, most religions in the world today preach and teach peaceful co-existence in one way or the other, in practice, religious people are found behind many of the hostilities, uprisings, attacks, and assaults in our societies. The question therefore is: if God truly is the Author of peace and the message of peace is claimed to be at the center of every religion, why then are we constantly experiencing insecurity in our world in spite of daily proliferation of religious sects and activities? Can we say religion has done our world more good than harm in security matters or the vice-versa? What has been the role(s) of religion as a divine institution in ensuring security of lives and property in our societies? How can religion mediate in restoring peace and stability to our world?

In view of the above, New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation, a Jos-Nigeria based national nonprofit and Winner of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Youth Solidarity Fund, 2013 Edition, and the United Religions Initiative (URI AFRICA), in partnership with  the Universal Peace Federation-Nigeria, and Communities Without Boundaries International, will host in Abuja, Nigeria, the 7th International Conference on Youth and Interfaith Dialogue, focusing on Religion, Peace and Security in Africa, to seek the contributions of stakeholders and practitioners of religions from across the globe to this vital challenging theme.

The aim of the conference is to make a critical appraisal of the roles of religion in security issues and suggest practical ways religions can help in resolving security problems especially in Africa. The Conference will bring together community members, including representatives of CSOs and Faith-based groups within Nigeria and globally to foster mutual respect among diverse ethnic and religious groups. and support civil society and individuals who seek non-violent approaches to conflict and strive toward a shared future. The International Conference will introduce and support initiatives that expand shared perceptions among individuals of different religions, cultures, genders, and ethnicities, including developing a strategy to overcoming misunderstandings and stereotypes that affect relations between groups and within societies.  The women and men will provide recommendations to decision-makers, institutions and individuals for dignifying everyone and our shared values.

Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 15th August 2015

More information is available at this website.

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