CFA Deadline:May 15, Peace Building Institute December 29, 2012– January 11, 2013 , Rwanda

Each year, Never Again Rwanda (NAR) hosts a 2 week Peace building Institute that brings together 30 Rwandan and American university students in Kigali.
Participants answer the question “What can Rwanda teach the world?” Through readings of a shared set of texts, site visits, lectures and group discussions, participants will explore themes of genocide, transitional justice, good governance, and development and develop skills as global citizens in cross cultural dialogue, critical thinking and analysis of complex issues, and problem solving. During the two week Institute, the international participants stay with a Rwandan host family to experience the Rwandan day to day life.
NAR is now looking for open minded and intellectually curious university students interested in the challenges of human rights and post conflict, environments to apply for the 2012 session (December 29, 2012. January 11, 2013).
The Peace building Institute aims to provide a stimulating and immersive learning
environment where active group discussions are supplemented with site visits, guest
speakers, and homestays with local families. This will provide the participants with an unforgettable educational experience.

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