CFA deadline: Feb. 28, Hungarian journal issue on “Religion in Social Relations.”

Call for journal articles
The Hungarian Historical Review invites submissions for its fourth issue in 2014, the theme of which will be “Religion in Social Relations”

The deadline for the submission of abstracts: 28 Feb 2014
The deadline for notification of accepted abstracts: 15 March 2014
The deadline for the accepted papers: 30 June 2014

The social interactions of individuals and groups belonging to different denominations was and is one of the everyday experiences of social manifestations of otherness. Ever since the Middle Ages, Central Europe has been home to various and varying religious and ethnic groups who have lived side by side. The region has been a meeting point for the Latin, Orthodox, Islamic, Christian, and Jewish worlds, and the Reformation made it even more religiously diverse. Papers are encouraged that examine the phenomena of religious and cultural diversity in the region from the perspectives of political history and the history of ideas, particularly those that address the social, economic, and cultural aspects of religiously and denominationally diverse coexistence. Papers should focus on the forms and extent of mutual interaction between denominations in everyday social and family life, from the palaces of the aristocrats to the homes of the burghers, from the world of the associations to the world of the arts, from the big cities to the smallest villages.

The phenomena of coexistence (living with and living alongside others), acculturation, assimilation, acceptance, exclusion, and seclusion can be a common thread linking stories that are otherwise diverse in time (from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century) and space (the expansive and varied region of Eastern Europe). The editors therefore are interested in articles that touch on the following issues:

– The transformation of the familial relations of families belonging to different denominations (for instance “mixed” marriages);
– Cooperation between denominations within the frameworks of various social institutions (for instance the mix of denominations in casinos);
– Joint undertakings of and economic cooperation between actors in the economic sphere who belonged to different denominations;
– The presence of students of varying denominations in the denominational schools;
– Potentials for denominational coexistence in various social groups: divergences in norms and practices in the relations between people of different denominations;
– Customs, social practices, and cultural phenomena that were above denominational differences and linked people of different denominations;
– Regional differences in the interactions between people of different denominations;
– The distinctive aspects of the mutual interactions of people of different denominations from the perspectives of social position and social gender.

The editors provide proofreading for contributors who are not native speakers of English.

Please send an abstract of no more than 500 words and a short biographical sketch, together with a brief biography and selected list of three publications (we do not accept CVs). The deadline for the submission of abstracts: February 28, 2014. Proposals should be submitted to the organizers by email:

The editors will ask the authors of selected papers to submit their final articles (max. 10.000 words) no later than June 30, 2014. All articles must conform to the submission guidelines

The Hungarian Historical Review is a peer-reviewed international journal of the social sciences and humanities the geographical focus of which is Hungary and East Central Europe.

For additional information, including submission guidelines, please visit the journal’s website:

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