CFA Deadline: March 1, CrossCurrents Research Colloquium, USA

Apply for the CrossCurrents Research Colloquium, and spend the month of July in New York working on a research or writing project related to one of the themes outlined below, with access to libraries and research facilities at Columbia University, Union, Auburn, and Jewish Theological Seminaries. Deadline for applications is March 1, 2013.

Applications from scholars, theologians, activists and artists focusing on one or more of these topics will be accepted:

A. LGBTQI Theology: Projects that emphasize translating theology for wider audiences are especially welcome.
B. Moral Economy / Religious critique of Economic Theory: What is a “moral economy”? Can religious thought interface or dialogue with economic theory? How should religious communities have an impact on economic life?
C. Intersectionality: How does intersectionality theory contribute, if it does, to human thriving, allowing people to move beyond barriers of race, class, gender or sexual orientation?
D. Wildcard: applicants may apply for a topic of their own interest.

Charles Henderson, Executive Editor
Email: chashenderson{AT}
Visit the website at

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