CFA Deadline: Apr. 18, Oxford Seminar In Advanced Jewish Studies

Orthodoxy, Theological Debate, and Contemporary Judaism:
Exploring Questions Raised in the Thought of Louis Jacobs
January to June 2013
Seminar leaders: Dr Adam Ferziger, Bar Ilan University and Dr Miri Freud-Kandel, Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies
This Oxford Seminar in Advanced Jewish Studies will examine the state of contemporary Orthodox Judaism. Within this framework the Seminar will address the place of rational debate in contemporary Judaism, changing approaches to interpretations of revelation, the impact of gender issues, and the viability of concepts such as inclusivism, pluralism, and openness in Orthodox Judaism.
Many of these topics reflect questions that were raised in the theological writings of Louis Jacobs. This research seminar will provide an opportunity to bring together scholars to examine the principles and rabbinic texts upon which Jacobs built his theology. It will consider the extent to which Orthodoxy has attempted to answer the questions Jacobs posed for it over fifty years ago.
In all these ways this Seminar is designed to enable important academic questions to be considered while also tackling subjects that are of considerable significance for contemporary Jewish communities and individuals within those collectives. As a result, it is hoped that the Seminar will make an important contribution both to scholarship and to contemporary debates.
Weekly seminars will be convened through the duration of two Oxford terms, 21 January to 8 March and 22 April to 14 June 2013. These will offer a forum for the fellows to address central research topics related to the overall theme of the project. The opportunity for experts to come together in such a Seminar setting for an extended period of time, freed from teaching and administrative responsibilities, will facilitate the production, publication and dissemination of a considered and scholarly contribution to understanding the possible future directions for Orthodox Judaism and the role of theology and theological debate in contemporary Judaism.
Visiting Fellows will receive free accommodation on the Yarnton Manor Estate and a stipend of £750 (pro rata) per calendar month during the period of their tenure. Travelling expenses up to £500 will also be provided.
Applications by senior scholars, and by scholars at postdoctoral and advanced doctoral level, are all welcome.
Closing date for applications: 18 April 2012
For more detailed information please contact:
Dr Adam Ferziger (
Dr Miri Freud-Kandel (

Dr Adam Ferziger, Bar Ilan University
Dr Miri Freud-Kandel, Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies
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