Board of Studies – New South Wales: Studies of Religion – Stage 6 (April 2005)

 “The Stage 6 Studies of Religion syllabus acknowledges religion as a distinctive
answer to the human need for meaning in life. An understanding of religion
provides a perspective for the human view of reality and deals with daily living as
well as with the ultimate source, meaning and goal of life… The Studies of Religion syllabus acknowledges that there are many ways of studying religion. It investigates the significance of the role of religion in society and, in particular, within Australian society. It recognises and appreciates the place and importance of Aboriginal belief systems and spiritualities in Australia. This syllabus enables students who live in a multifaith and multicultural society to
progress from a broad understanding of religious traditions to specific studies
within these traditions. The syllabus provides a focus on religious expression in
Australia and, also, investigates religion’s place within the global community.” (page 6)

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